What is Neon Exchange?

NEON Exchange (NEX)


The blockchain technology has taken over exchanges and other forms of technology. Many exchanges are leveraging the power of the blockchain technology in the platform. One such platform is the NEX platform. The NEX exchange is a platform that combines the NEO blockchain and an off-chain matching engine to allow more complex and faster trades than other existing decentralized exchanges.  The platform can be used for complex payment service creation and cryptographic trade.

Features of NEX

  • Payment service: the NEX payment services enable third-party smart contracts to send and receive global assets like GAS and NEO as part of the computation process on the platform.
  • High volume: The NEX platform has the capabilities to handle enormous trade volume using its publicly verifiable off-chain matching engine which is unique from the rest of the decentralized platforms.
  • Complex Trades: NEX can handle complex orders that are not currently available on existing decentralized exchanges such ad limit orders and markets.

The Neon exchange ICO

The NEX is planning to hold an ICO but has not yet mentioned the date and time the ICO will start. According to the website, NEX team is waiting for the legal process to be completed before they announce the official ICO date and their media channels. All investors can purchase NEX token during the public sale since the NEX will not whitelist or hold presale but only the ICO.


The major goals of NEX ecosystem are listed on their roadmap. The ecosystem roadmap is as follows:

  • Q4 2017: smart contracts examples for decentralized exchange, payment services and demo of profit distribution mechanism on TestNet.
  • Q1, 2018: open source platform launch and token sale on NEO.
  • Q2, 2018: Payment services launch on MainNet for GAS and NEO.
  • Q3, 2018: margin trading on MainNet and cross-chain launch to support trading of ETH tokens.
  • TBA: decentralized banking for a smart contract based management of assets with new investment opportunities and enhanced security.

The NEX team

The NEX team collaborates across the whole world. Moreover, the NEX platform was co-founded by Developer, Fabio C. Canesin, Developer Fabian Wahle, Developer, Ethan Fast and Developer Luciano Engel. Fabio is a research engineer at Schlumberger-Doll and co-founder of CoZ. Fabian, on the other hand, is a Ph.D. holder and CTO of Altoida and also the co-founder of CoZ. Ethan on his sides is also a Ph.D. holder and creator of NEON wallet and Luciano is also the Co-founder of CoZ and creator of NEOScan. Another Co-founder of the platform is Thomas Saunders, who is also the co-founder of CoZ.

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