What is Neo?




NEO is a decentralized of Blockchain protocol, which can be used in different scenarios including peer-to-peer to lending and digital asset exchange. Commercial value can be transferred as simple and as fast as sending an instant message. Digital asset exchange means that through NEO, users will be able to trade, transfer, deposit, register and settle transactions via person to person network, which means that there will be no bank or middleman that is involved in completing the transactions.

An entrepreneurial success can be shared with ease, which allows users to build, collaborate, and share just like the way the ant colony works. According to NEO developers, they believe that as more people feel more connected to each other, the future will be unlimited.

What is Blockchain?

It’s a public ledger that receives entries from users, it verifies and completes transactions with low-cost fees and can make successful exchanges in minutes. For you to better understand the idea of blockchain technology, just imagine a world where everyone is equal.

Everyone trust, share, and work with each other- this is what Blockchain technology does. It opens a wormhole to the future, utilizing cutting-edge features heighteners the idea of transactions. Crypto experts like to refer blockchain as the “trust machine” it helps to make transactions cheaper and faster without having to be controlled by any central authority.

Antshares (Neo) Video Explanation

Facts about  NEO

It is the first open source public chain project in China, it creates and supports smart assets platform. Smart assets are simply referred to contracts conducted in Blockchain and digital assets. It provides users a faster way to register, issue, and circulate assets.

How NEO works?

NEO simply keeps track of transfer records of digital assets with e-contracts. In NEO, there will be digital tokens that will be generated by every e-contract completed. The tokens have values and can be traded for bills, currencies, claims, securities and much more.


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