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Human beings from all over the world are enjoying a digital trust thanks to the blockchain technology. The digital trust reduces the cost and enhances the value exchange. In recent times, many people are enjoying the benefit brought by blockchain technology and the plat for available.  One of the platforms that most people are enjoying is Nebula AI. What is Nebula AI and who is it for?

What is Nebula AI?

“Nebula AI is a decentralized blockchain integrated with Artificial Intelligence and sharing economies. “According to the official website. The aim of the platform is to ensure that developers deploy their AI applications on the blockchain without any complications. Integrated with API/SDK and payment services the platform allows developers from all walks of life to earn revenue based on AI smart contracts. Miners too can contribute their   GPU power for a variety of applications on the platform. The intentions allow the Nebula AI to compete with the likes of Amazon and Google cloud computing services.

Problems that the platform wants to solve

Highly centralized

Most platforms are highly centralized. For instance, Google and Amazon provide AI computing services, but this platform is highly centralized. They could cut off the service anytime. Theses platform works only things that are based on the interest. Nebula AI plans to offer decentralized services where you as the user can determine whether to stop or continue using the platform.

Hash Calculation efficiency

Currency, platform, such as Zcash and Ethereum cause a lot of hash Computing AND POWER. The power used for computing and GPU can be used in AI calculations. This is what AI aims to Achieve.

Data Privacy Security

Nebula AI wants to increase data privacy security and solve issues and provide solutions such as:

  • The need for multiple private keys
  • Redundant databases ensuring the integrity of the information

The platform wants to introduce a process where it will be simple to retrieve DApps in massive blockchain application faster and easier. It also plans to increase the diversity of application scenario, and user demand at the same time solving other challenges that may occur.


Features of the platform include:

  • AI Physical Computing Units
  • Shared AI Computing Platform
  • Decentralized AI Applications
  • Integrated IPFS Distributed Storage
  • AI Engineer Training Center

NBAI Token

The NBAI token is the primary token on the platform. The token can be used for Developers Test Use of DAI APPs Purchase of DAI training services


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