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NAV Coin (NAV) is a form of decentralized cryptocurrency which is based on the blockchain technology. The NAV offers an easy way for its users to use the wallet that integrates high quality of advanced privacy features. The platform uses a NavTech technology in which users will get the option to choose an ultra-private transaction that provides protection for the user’s data and his/her identity while completing purchases online.


How NAV works?


The Nav Coin users can simply download the wallet to start using it. It comes with a ready to a setup wizard that provides you everything you need to load the blockchain and start sending transactions in a secure environment. According to the developers, their main aim has always been to provide people with high-quality privacy protection that lets them comfortably purchase items online. The users are allowed to make private payments instantly and securely.


The Nav coins will arrive at their destination in just a few minutes, you just need a blockchain address and some coins, and you will be able to complete payments. The NAVTech handles the rest assuring the users that their coins will be safely sent in the recipient’s wallet.


NAV’s features


Faster Transaction Times


According to their website, with the use of NAVTech solution, transactions will be completed in less than 10 minutes. The users will be allowed to send Nav coins anywhere on the planet instantly and have the amount confirmed as spendable within 30 seconds.


Earn While You Sleep


The NAV platform uses Proof of Stake (POS) to run the whole system, which requires less power consumption. This lets the users earn Nav coins while they sleep, they can make up to 5% interest on the user’s investment by just switching the user’s wallet to stalking mode.


Optional Private Payments


The NAVTech system allows the users to send private transactions through the dual blockchain.

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