What is Nau?

NAU Platform




Finally, a network that connects customers with retailers and creates new opportunities for agents and retailer manager is here with us. NAU is a platform that fair rewards people for sharing a special offer with their network and offer life 95% commission from each redemption to affiliates. NAU is perfect for the implementation of the SoLoMo approach, an approached used by the network to offer consumers the best services ever. The SoLoMo approach stands for social, local, and mobile. The approach helps in making mobile searches more local.

How NAU works

The core principle of NAU is the win-win approach. The win-win approach is something the world of affiliate marketing and advertising seems to be missing, the NAU makes sure that the win-win approach is available.  The network is creating a platform where retailer and their consumers connect directly using the NAU platform, the NAU App, and NAU blockchain.

What is the NAU platform?

The NAU platform allows users to create a few services on top on the platform. The strategy is to develop a solution that connects retailers with customers through approaches and marketing mechanism. Using the NAU platform, users can scope potential partners such as advertising agencies, local websites, CPA network, cashback service, relocation application and more.

The NAU app

The NAU app will be released in December 2017 and will be available on iOS and Android devices as a multi-platform application. Native applications will be developed and released in 12018. The app can be installed on any devices as long as it is compatible with the device.

NAU Blockchain

The NAU use the blockchain technology to ensure transparency of all commissions and payments, it also makes the rewarding process possible and paid by retailers directly to affiliates.


NAU Video Explanation

The NAU token

NAU has two tokens, the eNAU token and the NAU tokens. The eNAU token is an ERC20 protocol token that is issued during all NAU token sales. The eNAU token is eligible for 1:1 exchange to the NAU token immediately after the launch of the NAU project in beta. The token pre-sale start on 1st December 2017. A total of 1 billion tokens will be available for the sale.

Who is behind NAU?

NAU is led by a team of core team members and advisors. The network was founded by Yaroslav Shakula who is also the CEO. Shakula has over 15 years of experience as a project lead and a co-founder and CEO of multiple other projects.



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