What is Naga?






NAGA in a cryptocurrency built by the NAGA group AG. It is a German fintech company which has its headquarters in Hamburg. The goal of the company is to build a platform that makes transactions in virtual goods and stocks more secure and accessible to everyone. For that to be accomplished, NAGA wants to launch its NAGA Coin cryptocurrency (NGC). According to William Gibson, “the future is already here. It’s just not very evenly distributed.”

The problem the NAGA will solve

The investment and trading are ruled and governed and ruled by greedy corporations and banks that control access, always take a cut of your money and operate non-transparently. As a result, the cryptocurrency industry suffers from low liquidity in cryptocurrencies and virtual goods as well as lack of an interface to access virtual goods, financial and crypto-markets. The NAGA wants to solve the problem by offering one decentralized cryptocurrency for:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Virtual Goods
  • Financial markets.


Access to international brokerage account via Naga Platform

It also wants to enable everyone to make money on one platform. It wants to allow the user to make money securely, simply and without banks or a bank account.

Benefits of the NAGA

Being the first blockchain-based universe for decentralized trading, education and investing in financial markets, cryptocurrencies and virtual goods. Some of the benefits you can get when using the platform include:

You get paid

If you have any skills trading the financial cryptocurrencies and markets with a swipe you will get paid if you use them on the NAGA platform. You will also get paid for your passion for selling virtual goods and playing video games, for owning NGC by benefiting from the digital transformation of the largest industries.

Crypto for everyone

NAGA makes sure that it makes trading simple, rewarding and entertaining for everyone. Switex and SwipeStox cover 2+ billion potential customers worldwide. It also allows for secure access from exchanging and depositing cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dash.

Don’t work, earn

You don’t need to work to earn on the platform. You can earn by doing things you love, people who use SwipeStok already cash massively in trading volume on the platform. NGC can be traded on other platforms just like any other cryptocurrency.

Apart from being developed by the NAGA Group AG, the platform consist of a team of 120+ people across Europe. The goal of the company is to make financial transactions in stocks and virtual goods more accessible and secure to everyone.


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