What is Mywish?

MyWish (WISH)




Over a quarter of Bitcoins have been lost because of various reasons for loss of wallet access to deceased holders or even busted hardware. The Mywish platform is an ecosystem that accumulates a complex of blockchain solutions through the use of smart contracts. The solutions are designed in a way that they can integrate technologies in the real sectors. There are mechanisms for managing funds in various circumstances such as marriage contracts, lifelong annuities, the loss of key for the wallet and much more. Mywish proposes to solve all these issues with the creation and execution of smart contracts.

What problems will Mywish Solve?

Since the smart contracts and blockchain are changing the world, they are issues that need to be solved and Mywish offer solutions to some of the solutions. The problems that the platform wishes to solve include:

  • Idle without invocation: Mywish wants to solve the issue of smart contracts that can’t activate themselves without an external call.
  • Developer skills: Mywish knows that serious developer’s skills are required for deployment and contracts creation.
  • Not universal: most platform smart contracts are based on the Ethereum blockchain only and other altcoin and bitcoin are not supported.
  • Expensive: we all know the cost of using cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms is expensive. The cost of contracts includes execution and cost for deployment. Mywish seeks to solve the issue of cost.

Mywish ICO details

The platform uses the Ethereum based (ERC20) token for all the services. The ICO started and October 25 and ended on November 25, 2017. A total of 22 million tokens were available and the price was I WISH token equals 0.000% ETH.

The team behind Mywish

MyWish team includes people from different education and professional background. It is led by CEO and Founder Vladimir Tikhomirov. Vladimir is also the founder of Ddgcorp, an IT company, he has over 10 years of experience in IT and has been managing and leading IT projects for years now. Others are Dmitriy Machikhin, Advisor and legal blockchain expert, Dmitriy Kovalev, senior front-end developer, and Alexey Udalov, senior back-end developer among others.

MyWish is without a doubt a platform that implements smart contracts on every one of their procedures and products. It is currently no recourse for recovering lost cryptocurrencies. The MyWish whitepaper is exhaustive as it is engaging. Just as the website claim. MyWish is a working solution for developers and every other person who wants to use the platform.




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