What is Mysterium?

Mysterium (MYST)




Mysterium (MYST) is a decentralized platform that provides an open source Virtual Private Network (VPN) which means a network constructed with the use of public wires through the internet. The network is something that anyone can use to connect anonymously and securely to the web. The MYST aims to provide this secure VPN, so the users will be able to earn digital tokens, which is referred as the Mysterium tokens. The type of VPN solution, the Mysterium can provide claims to have high levels of privacy that are unmatched by the centralized providers.


How MYST works?


According to MYST developers, they have noticed that internet privacy has been under attack. Privacy has long been considered as our basic needs and without being aware people are rapidly losing it. There’s a tendency that people are being spied without their permission and the people’s private data can be possibly used by criminals, hackers, and private organizations to their advantage.

Mysterium video explanation

The developers have further added that the people’s privacy should not be over-crossed without the person’s consent that’s why they have developed Mysterium. The network is the first decentralized VPN service powered by open-source blockchain technology and smart contracts (set of rules and regulations that every party involved in the contract should follow).


The MYST will offer its users a new level of privacy, not matched by the currently operating centralized VPN providers. The developers have encouraged crypto enthusiasts to support the MYST network that respects the user’s privacy. The MYST’s open source feature makes sure that all source codes will always be visible and will be 100% transparent. The MYST network has a robust encryption that works to help its users to privately and safely participate in the MYST network.

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