What is Mybit?

MyBit (MYB)



If you are searching for a platform that tokenizes revenue streams, then you need to check out MyBit. MyBit is a platform that is used for a tokenizing revenue stream. The unique blockchain platform allows for revenue stream tokenization with an aim of making financing and maintenance of revenue streams automatic and more efficient. What MyBit does is enable ownership of a specific IoT to be distributed among investors. This way it allows small investor to access new revenue stream that was available only for large investors like banks. Using MyBit, anyone can raise capital and invest using a peer-to-peer system from anywhere in the world.

Features and use cases

Cryptocurrency ATMs

MyBit uses cryptocurrency to stimulate the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Investors can make money off the usage fees for transacting.

Smart homes IOT devices

Using the Smart home IOT devices, MyBit predicts a disruptive transformation micro Economies and micro-payments adoption. The devices once implemented will be available for free to consumers. They will only need to pay per usage.


Drones will play an important role in commercial use cases, but the core areas the drone will be used is for delivery and transportation of goods. People will purchase stakes in delivery drones and receive revenue sharing upon completion. MyBit can be integrated into other economical platforms

3-D printers

MyBit has envisioned 3-D printers to be spread throughout shops, malls, and other venues. Under the feature, investors can crowdfund their assets and get paid.

Self-Driving Vehicles

MyBit wants every person to share the ownership and revenue of self-driven cars since they are going to displace a lot of jobs. They want people to earn and have control instead of a centralized financial institution controlling everything.

Renewable energy

Investors will receive profit sharing from excess energy production and from feed-in tariffs. To hasten the adoption of a decentralized energy grid, land and homeowners crowdfund ownership on the solar panels.

MyBit token

Transaction on the MyBit decentralized platform is on 1% network fee. The fee is distributed to token holders based on their stake percentage. The MyBit token can be invested in energy, funding, revenue sharing, P2P trading, machine to machine payments AI infrastructure and other revenue-generating assets. They can also be traded on open exchanges.

MyBit was founded by Ian Worrall and led by Garret McDonald, Marketing Strategy and Blockchain Design, Thomas Pollan, Business development and Partnership and Engineer Pedro Barros.

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