What is Munchee?

Munchee (MUN)


Munchee is a blockchain based food review platform created by a popular social networking and food review the mobile app. The main purpose of the platform is to disrupt the traditional incentive influences and restaurant and food review websites and integrate with delivery services and local restaurants to provide enticing rewards for its users and token holder. Munchee plans to disrupt all traditional restaurant review on platform and sites such a Zagat, Yelp, FourSquare and Google Places. It also to also introduce a verifiable and immutable blockchain-based user review process based on crypto token.

Munchee features

A decentralized platform

Munchee is a decentralized platform that provides high-quality reviews. The platform also prevents review manipulation which means it gives users and restaurants with the best food and restaurant reviews out there. They are able to offer all these benefits using their peer-reviewed system.


Using the MUN token, Munchee gives user rewards after performing a certain task on the platform. The token can be exchanged and used to redeem rewards for services or food from any restaurant that partners with the platform. There are four ways that users can generate rewards. They include:

  • Creating content: users can successfully create posts that pass peer review and get rewarded using the MUN token.
  • For high-quality content distributors: top-tier regular contributors are also rewarded using the MUN token. To determine top-tier contributors, Munchee uses top-tier reviewers and the reviews are based on the total number of pins and like in a certain period of time.
  • New restaurant listings: contributors can also get rewarded for creating a new restaurant, pending restaurant detail verification.
  • Referrals: users of the platform have referral codes and each referral code is unique and gives to one user. Should anyone contribute the platform using your referral or join the platform, you are rewarded using the MUN token.

No middlemen

This is the most common concern for many people before they start using a cryptocurrency platform. Munchee eliminates the use of a middleman in its dealings. By eliminating middlemen, restaurants will not be required to pay outrageous fees that are asked by third-party payment networks.

Token model

The MUN token is the only method of exchange on the Munchee ecosystem. The token is used for rewards, to facilitate meaningful advertising and promotions and help restaurant owners build a quality base of content by using the MUN token to rewards content creator. The platform is governed by Munchee, a popular food review mobile app.

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