What is Mothership?

Mothership (MSP)




If you are looking for a new cloud hosting platform, token market, and wallet that will provide you’re with financial services around the world, then you need to take a look at Mothership. Mothership is an Ethereum platform that provides blockchain financial services for users around the world; recently the platform started a partnership that will benefit people around the Estonian e-residency program. The program raises fund via a token sale on the Ethereum platform.

Mothership is the first crypto platform to integrate with e-residency allowing the registration of EU-based companies. Founder Anton Egorov and Arseniy Zarechnev are partnering with a serial entrepreneur Oleg Gutsol at the e-Residency. Mothership services are available to all users and everybody, but for those with e-Residency, they will have access to other features including security features.

How does Mothership work?

As a token, Mothership (MSP) will be a gateway to cryptocurrency markets. It is hosting both existing blockchains and new blockchains start-ups. The platform provides a legal framework for the whole process in the crypto industry. It provides a legal framework for e-Residence and remote incorporation to accepting payments, developing and ICO offer and tracking results. In the e-Residency platform, they are working to make things even simpler for a business transaction and other services in Estonia.

As an exchange, Mothership is a secure and stable cryptocurrency exchange that has additional features for EU businesses and e-residency. The platform plans to streamline the verification process used in the existing platform as well as provide strong customer services, security and uninterrupted 24/7 access to markets. Already people are taking advantage of the secure and stable cryptocurrency exchange.


As a cloud hosting platform, Mothership is a serverless platform for apps. Users using the platform are able to build high-frequency bots or any other apps including a payment gateway using its programming language. With guaranteed top reliability, minimal latency and managed runtime and automatic scaling, mastership plans to make thing even easier. It will be easier to focus on important stuff on the platform like building apps.

As a new wallet, mothership acts a wallet that connects each user’s digital identity. The platform protects funds with digital signatures. The method is to streamline spending and saving decisions. The digital signature allows applicants to register entirely online including those from the EU countries by using the e-residency services. When linked with the mothership, users affords the ability to incorporate blockchain businesses, secure a bank account and link it the exchange. All the process are entirely online.

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