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Most blockchain based platforms offer services similar to each other. However, there is one blockchain based platform that offers a different type of services that may interest cryptocurrency enthusiasts, developers, investors and anyone who is interested. The Moonlight platform. The Moonlight platform is a different kind of platform. It is a premier blockchain based talent matching platform. The work if the platform is to match talents on the platform using the matchmaking algorithm. The algorithm is built into the platform’s smart contract to be able to provide recommendations based on a talents skillset.

How does it work?

Once the talent adds her or her skill on the platform, the smart contracts using matchmaking algorithm to match the talent to something and task that suits them. The assessment of the smart contract version of the matchmaking protocol is publicly defined and made available.

Core features

Trustless resumes: all the task completed on the Moonlight platform are turned into public ledger on the Neo blockchain. This process leaves no room to question the experience and knowledge of the person who completed the task.

Advanced project coordination

Users can take advantage of the trustless dataset to unleash the project tracking tools they may want to use on the platform and on their projects.

Resource Identification: the matchmaking protocol work is to quickly pair takes to individuals or organization with the passion and the skills to complete them.

Project crowdfunding

If you have any crowdfunding needs, you can leverage the moonlight platform in a bid to improve your project transparency. Remittance: Moonlight can also handle your remittance needs to help in reducing the project overhead.

Decentralized staffing

Moonlight uses the power of the decentralized global workforce to meet your project needs when it comes to searching for experience, talent, passion, and skillset.

Moonlight Roadmap

  • Q4, 2017: Cambridge: Project Presentation
  • Q1, 2018: Update: Building a Decentralized Workforce Platform
  • Q1, 2018: Amsterdam: Project Presentation
  • Q1, 2018: Update: Managing Complexity in the Smart Economy Workforce
  • Q1, 2018: San Francisco DevCon: Project Presentation
  • Q1, 2018: Singapore: Project Presentation
  • Q1, 2018: White Paper Release, Tokyo: Project Presentation, Taipei: Project Presentation, Sydney: Project Presentation, Public Token Sale


Moonlight is led by Co-founders Alan (Business development, (Tyler B. Adams (Architect), Michael de Wal (back-end developer), Chris Birmingham (Blockchain developer) and Travis Lin (Front-end developer). Others on the team are Matt Huggins, Leda developer, Jeremy Lim, Marketing/PR, Nathaniel Walpole, Design Advisor and Chris Dienes, Data Science Advisor.

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