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Moonword is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that is simple, fair, fast and transparent that other cryptocurrencies. The ecosystem uses a blockchain record keeping language which is the Moonword. The Moonword is a simple programming language that is exclusively designed for recordkeeping and coding on top of the Mooncoin blockchain. Mooncoin uses technical specifications that make it ideal for directly recording informational transaction onto blockchain. Some of the benefits of Moonword include low transaction fees, the lightweight blockchain, fast block time and high fee circulation.

What is the Mooncoin?

Mooncoin(Moon) is a cryptocurrency that is created to be “people-oriented” and fair. It is simple, reliable, faster and more transparent than Bitcoin. The Mooncoin is not an anonymous coin like other upcoming or existing coin. On their website, they state that the Mooncoin ecosystem is not for criminals and overhyped, which means the only people allowed to use the platform are genuine. The coin is great for micropayments.

The Moon language is developed to write and execute codes on the blockchain ecosystem. The ecosystem is made perfect because of features such as:

  • Low inflation with gradual reduce
  • Limited total supply that is based on the average distance from earth to the moon which is 385,000,000,000.
  • Mooncoin innovations
  • Built with future in mind

The features and benefits together with being a simple, transparent, fast and people-oriented platform make it the best coin for micropayments. With over 3 years of experience in the digital currency industry, Mooncoin offers its users the best-decentralized cryptocurrency platform available.

What you can do with Mooncoin ecosystem

If you are thinking of building your blockchain, the Mooncoin ecosystem is tested and proven to offer the best platform for building a Blockchain. The ecosystem was designed to be flexible, which means developers and investors can use it to build their own blockchains. Innovative projects on the Mooncoin blockchain hint at what people can do in the future.

Moonword also has a decentralized platform on the ecosystem known as Smart Likes. The platform can be used to monetize your likes. The aim of Smart Likes is to reshape investing. Instead of going a long way from researching companies and markets to earn, Smart Likes give you the chance to like and earn if other people like what you liked.

All in all, Mooncoin is a great project with plenty of room for different types of projects and blockchains. It offers a place where you can send coins to your Mooncoin address and fully control the recording of information process onto blockchain.


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