What is Monetary Unit?

Monetary Unit (MUE)



In recent years, there has been a fair amount of action in the cryptocurrency trading and markets. Cryptocurrency platforms are joining the market each day. The same is happening with the Monetary Unit (MUE). The Monetary Unit lately has been seeing gains over the last couple of years. MUE is a cryptocurrency created as an attempt to democratize the usage of cryptocurrency and build a modern financial platform for everyone. It is a decentralized, self-governed, self-sustainable cryptocurrency projects with long-term goals. The official name is Monetary Unit and the official coin name is MUE also being the abbreviation of the official name.

Key features of MUE

Monetary Unit has several key features that are used to make the platform functional.

Number of coins

The total number of coins equals up to 4 billion. This is after the number was reduced from a much higher number. Now it has Quadrillion units.

Instant transactions

MUE offers uses an opportunity to receive and confirm transactions instantaneously via the Instant Send function. They also use Private Send function for privacy. The Private Send function uses multiple layers of obfuscation to hide recipient’s information.


Monetary Unit economic design means that 10% of all the MUE coins created as reserved for the project’s benefits like upgrading and developing purposes.

Long Term inflation rates

MUE promotes the use and distribution of its MUE coin with a 3% long-term inflation rate per year. It distributes 40 MUE every 40 seconds for at least 130 years from now.


MUE has an inbuilt governance and voting system to ensure stability within the community.

Commercial arms & affiliates

MUE focuses on the continual development to ensure maximum currency exposure and usage benefits

Planed for a long-term

Monetary Unit developers believe that a large number of coins are essential for the protection of its stability and for people to be able to be behind the MUE coin for long-term. According to MUE developers, their focus has always been to break away from the stigma of being understood and create a cryptocurrency that is accessible to all.

Recently, MUE migrated to X11 code base that allows them to reach miners and brings added security to the platform. The X11 is based on Dash. The project is maintained by a committed and friendly community. They continue to build innovation and reputation to launch into the most trusted and exciting cryptocurrency available in the market.



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