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Ever since bitcoin was released as open-sourced software several years ago, the financial market has shifted. Slowly and steadily, the cryptocurrency technology and tokens including the bitcoins started to change the financial world and it is still changing it until today. All tokens and coins have drastically changed the currency world, but it has its challenges. The challenges issuer faces today is using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to purchase items at local stores and online merchants. Although there are some that accept cryptocurrencies, most stores do not. With this challenge, most people don’t know where to turn to.

What is Monaco?

Luckily, there is another cryptocurrency that solves this issue, the Monaco visa Card. The Monaco Visa Card is a card that users can simply do their daily shopping in their local stores and buy online merchants is an extremely effective and simple way. To use Monaco Visa Card, all you need to do is create a Monaco account with your Android or IOS app and link an Ether wallet or Bitcoin to the account.

Once you fill out all the process and it is verified, you will receive a Monaco Visa card that you can use in all stations that Visa is accepted either at a physical location or online. Every time you use your card, an exact amount of Ether or BTC is converted into fiat currency to pay for the amount of the purchase you have made. The only thing you will be required to pay in addition to swiping your card is a 1% transaction fee. Monaco for the exchange rate between the currency you are using and the cryptocurrency coin.

Monaco video explanation

The main reason why the Monaco Visa card is much better than other transaction solution out there is the fact that the current exchange rates are at perfect interbank exchange rates. The exchange rates used to convert your cryptocurrency into a fiat currency you are purchasing with is at the same rate with interbank exchange rates. This means that there are no additional fees that banks charge their customers.


Monaco is making it easier for users to use ETH and BTC in the real world. The 1% exchange and swipe fees are reasonable compared to the amount of money you will save when you exchanged the currencies using other platforms or when exchanging them. If you are looking for an easier and more affordable way to use your ETH or BTC, Monaco visa card is the best.


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