What is Momentum?

Momentum (MMTM)

Momentum (MMTM) is a blockchain based platform that, “redefines the way companies builds customer relationships.” According to the official websites. As stated on the website, companies can use the platform to reward customers in exchange for their brand advocacy, attention, data insights and business among other things. The company’s access information from the customer, build relation while at the same time gives customers’ full control over their data.

Problems momentum seeks to solve

This is the main issues that momentum seeks to solve:

  • Failure of royalty programs: loyalty programs repeatedly fail because of lack of ownership and value. Momentum offers companies with real value that allows them to have functioning royalty programs.
  • Many customers dislike traditional marketing. As a result, brands have to incorporate modern marketing methods. People dislike traditional marketing methods since they are often bad times, result in spam and lack of personalization.
  • A wasted potential that can be used to transform customer into active brand ambassadors is so high in many countries.


Mobile marketing automation:

instead of using traditional marketing methods, Momentum is introducing a mobile marketing automation feature that targets users in real-time. Momentum will use smart and comprehensive use of data, including behavior, location, and attributes for marketing purposes.

Reward consumers from the activity and time:

companies can now reward active consumers with right incentives at the right time. This way they can maximize their conversions.

Users-managed data drives:

this solution allows Momentum to optimize user journey and offer based on data collected.

Understand and optimize ROI:

the platform offers users a detailed analytics, which provides insight into user effectiveness and behavior of marketing.

Data transparency and security:

Momentum provides users with control over their data and transparency.


Reward customer:

companies can give crypto-token to customers supporting their brand. For example, those people buying, telling their friends about your products and those reviewing them.

Launch branded tokens:

Momentum enables brands and retailers to launch their token-based incentive and reward schemes

Build a lifelong relationship:

according to Momentum, you can “Build up a detailed understanding of and use it to have relevant 1:1 conversations with them and their friends.” customers

The MobileBrigde Momentum token

The Momentum MobileBridge token and the utility token on the platform, the token will also be should as a gateway token, as a reward and loyalty token, a platform payment currency and a cryptocurrency. Using the token you can enjoy real value on the platform. This platform was founded by President Eyal Oster.

Project is no longer live

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