What is Moeda?

Moeda (MDA)



Moeda is a cooperative banking system powered by blockchain technology, for all the people who are interested in crypto banking It is a cooperative cryptocurrency credit banking-as-a-service platform designed to provide a community-focused mobile lending system, providing multi-purpose digital identities and distribute impact and opportunities to build creditworthy reputation and worthiness. The platform also gives investors real-time transparency of SDG-aligned Impact Investment and trust of cryptographically assured contracts and records of blockchain and facilitates to efficiently scale payment transactions, service more customers online and community investment.

As a cooperative crypto banking, Moeda is organized on a cooperative basis by the people, for the people, and from the people. According to the World Bank, almost 2 billion people worldwide don’t have access to banking services or they are not included in the financial system. Moeda wants to give everyone an opportunity to get financial or banking services. The cooperative crypto banking involves decentralized autonomous association of people united to meet their cultural, social and economic needs through a democratically controlled and jointly controlled enterprise. The platform offers users with a plea for payments, remittance, and lending

Why choose Moeda

There are many reasons why people choose one cryptocurrency over the other. The reasons differ depending on the services that feature you get. Moeda has various reasons and characteristics why you should consider choosing it. They include:

  • Micro business loans
  • Peer to peer remittance
  • Simple peer to peer payments
  • Fit pegged Moeda token
  • UN sustainable development partner
  • NGO charity lending program

The peer to peer payments and remittance network is for the purpose of helping drive entrepreneurs towards their goals. The network offers micro business loans to large crowdfunded initiatives to empower regular people across the world.

Moeda token

Moeda cooperative crypto banking system uses the MDA token for most of its services and trading on the platform. The MDA is an ECR20 loyalty token that allows investors to show their level of support and affiliation of the venture. It does not have any intrinsic value or represent equity in the company. The company uses a certain percentage of the profits to repurchase loyalty token from the market at the prevailing market price. This makes the token value positively correlated towards the success of the project.

The company was founded and co-founder by Taynaah Reis, Brad Chun, and Athena Diaconis who are also the CEO and team members of the company. Other team members include Isa Yu, Alex Todaro, Angela Cheng, Brent Dixon and Ari Eisenstat.

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