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Mirocana (MIRO)



Mirocana is a self-reinforcing Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that is based on modern machine learning models and deep-learning neural nets that analyze huge volumes of data to predict the financial market and how it works. Mirocana is a beautiful platform that works in its absolute external simplicity and internal complexity. The technology is built on a multi-layer structure. The investment products are based exclusively on best-performing simulations. Financial data pass through layers of strategies and simulations are transformed into high-quality investment products.

Key features of Mirocana

Mirocana technology has three main features that all users of the platform can benefit from. The features include


The platform is not created as static. The system is based on its prediction on constantly recalculations and many strategies to adjust and changing market condition achieving ate best possible performance.


Mirocana is a system that manages your funds in your exchange accounts or in your personal broker. It is not a hedge-fund. Users can take all closed and open positions in real-time.

No human factor

The Mirocana platform is fully automated. The system is readjusted every 5 seconds and it works 24/7. The readjustments happen automatically taking into account the vast numbers of strategies it uses.

How does Mirocana work?

Mirocana works with absolute external simplicity and internal complexity. The platform using the AI works in four simple steps. In the first step, users have to open a broker’s account. Mirocana has an integration with interactive brokers, Poloniex and OANDA. You can use your existing account or open a new account. Second, you need an open a Mirocana account and connect it to your broker or exchange account using an access key.

The third step is to select your target return. After opening your account, choose the rate of annual target return that you want the system to achieve. The system will show the risk associated with your choice. The last step is the track your progress. Mirocana has an intuitive interface that users can use to track how the system performs. You can also use your broker or exchange interface to track your progress.

Mirocana investment products are based on best-performing simulations. They are connected to a unit that monitors all the activities and turns the assets into cash in case of an emergency situation and of an accident. The investment products are used to help users grow their wealth on the platform. The products include the stock market, currency market, and cryptocurrency market.


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