What is MiniApps?

MiniApps (MAT)



Everybody is busy talking about hi-tech such as Artificial Intelligence, smart contracts blockchain, machine learning and so on. However, the fact remains that the hi-tech is available only to corporations or specified IT companies. With over 300 million small businesses in the world, most of them don’t have a chance to incorporate hi-tech into their businesses. MiniApp is a platform that bridges the gap between small businesses and Hi-tech. The platform bridges the two worlds all over the world by creating sales partners and a community of developer’s partners powered by the blockchain technology.

How does MiniApp. work?

MiniApp work by helping existing businesses like banks, telecom, and corporate clients. It has a strong team of developers and other team members who have over 15 years of experience in the blockchain technology and other fields. The team works together to make the platform better. The platform also has a stable+ in-depth rating by the ICO rating. The score is higher than that of ICO box, Bancor, and Humaniq and helps in positioning the platform in a better position to offer better services.

MiniApp.pro core Features

Testing tools: The MiniApp platform has the necessary tools for testing chatbot before production. The WAP and Web emulators of USSD and chatbots services with syntax highlighting.

Visual Editor: Visual Builder on the platform is for prototyping a development of Chabot’s front end. The API is used for the development of sophisticated chatbots and the integration with backends.

Easy maintenance: MiniApp.Pro uses statistics and analysis tools. The dashboard contains statistics for your incoming profits and in-bot. The incoming profits are from in-bot payments.

MiniApp.pro roadmap

The MiniApp.pro projects started in February 2016 and in May 2016 the first commercial of the project was launched. On September 2016, 1000 developers were registered and the scaling strategy was formulated in March 2017. August 2017 marked the start of pre-TGE. The MiniAPP.pro token sale is scheduled for 18 October 2017 and token activation will take place 19 December 2017. The MiniApp tokens are expected to be available on various exchanged in 2019.

Who is behind MiniApp.pro?

MiniApp was founded by Yuri Peshkichev, Vitaly Gumirov, and Peter Matyukov. Peter has been working in IT since 1992, Vitaly specialized in mathematical logic and computer science while Yuri has been Vitaly’s business partner for over 20 years. He is also the co-founder of Eyeline communications. The platform has other teams member who has years of experience in the blockchain industry.


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