What is MinexCoin?

MinexCoin (MNX)



Minex is a global, decentralized platform that introduces a new era of payments. Found online at minexcoin.com, MinexCoin allows volatility cryptocurrency that is part of the Minex ecosystem. Unlike other cryptocurrencies the use the Ethereum blockchain, MinexCoin uses the bitcoin’s blockchain. Minex launched its ICO on 15, 2017 and lasted for 30 days during which a total of 150000 MinexCoin (MNX) was distributed. Thanks to the stable exchange rate, MinexCoin has become a reliable means of payments for many people. It controls the growth of coin price and makes it an attractive means of value storage.

MinexCoin features

Retain the value

Thanks to a predictable and transparent policy of controllable volatility, MinexCoin has become a stable asset that people can use to retain purchasing power and forming reserves. The coin has a high liquidity and users are in full control over their assets.

Augment the value

MinexCoin uses MinexBank which is an algorithm for maintaining and controlling the volatility of MNX price.  This algorithm helps to stabilize the price by reducing or increasing interest rates and interventions on the market.

MinexCoin uses parking (Via MinexBank) as a tool to increase users stock and stabilize the financial system. MinexCoin refers to parking as a temporary suspension of any amount of coins in user’s wallet. The user can have up to 70% of the coins per annum for a number of parks asset without losing the user option.


Use of value

MinexCoin uses its MinexMarket as a platform where any goods and services for MNX are sold and bought. The market allows for easy trading for MNX and maintains the coin’s high liquidity. All transactions performed on the market are protected with escrow solutions and MinexCoin guarantees safety and privacy.

Create the value

The Minex platform helps online startups and business attract huge traffic of investors without the involvement of third parties and major expenses.  The platform allows users to create digital assets and places them on the primary market. The first investors are the platform’s investors.

Convert the value

Minex platform has a Minex exchange. The exchange is a decentralized exchange that enables users to freely exchange tokens, currencies and other digital assets created on the platform. The exchange is the link between traditional markets and the Minex’s ecosystem.

Minex Wallet

The MinexCoin wallet enables users to store, sell and park coins. It has reduced block time and increased block size for easy transactions and faster than Bitcoin.

MinexCoin team

Minex team members include Boris Shulyaev (founder and CEO), Ruslan Babych (Chief Technology Officer), Vladyslav Zaichuk (Lead Blockchain developer) and Roma Hulenko also a Blockchain developer among others. Ultimately, the MinexCoin platform plans to reduce volatility using supply/demand regulation tools like coin parking and market interventions.


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