What Is Metaverse?

Metaverse (ETP)



Metaverse is a blockchain based decentralized open platform that encompasses digital identities and digital assets.  Metaverse (ETP) hopes to develop iteratively by working closely businesses and respond to market feedback in a bid to provide different versions that will support the different levels of functionality.  Metaverse digitizes assets by building 2B2C general technology platform similar to the asset-backed securities such as artwork and antiques to improve market efficiency. Through the provision of digital identities and smart agreements.


Oracle intermediary

Oracles intermediary services act as a link between the real world and Metaverse. The oracles intermediary are built upon a decentralized reputation system. Other blockchain technologies claim to do away with trusted intermediaries destroying the middlemen. However, Metaverse reserves the position which they call it the oracle. The Oracles can store physical assets and issue smart assets on the blockchain. Authentication oracles provide correlation with avatar and proof of personal information.

Decentralized exchange

Using a decentralized exchange, Metaverse allows users to freely and easily exchange value on the platform paving way for the internet of value.

Digital Asset registration

Digital assets are a new type of cryptocurrency that keeps growing in importance. With only a few clicks, you can register for digital asset and won your assets on chain today. Metaverse allows for digital asset registration.

The Metaverse token

Metaverse uses Entropy (ETP) as is a primary token on the blockchain. A total of 100 million ETP are issued through the combination of POW mining, and initial Coin offerings (ICOs) similar to Bitcoin. ETP can be traded and transferred on Metaverse and is an important factor in deciding the miner of each block after MVS transitions. Metaverse offers security for ETP through the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). ETP represents the equity of Metaverse. The price of the token is not anchored on any cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or any legal currency, but it depends on the demanded for ETP.

The purpose of the Metaverse foundation

The Metaverse foundation has three common purposes. The purposes are to:

  • Support the promotion of community theory, products and projects including charitable, environmental and friendly activities.
  • Support community members who engage in the development of code and long-term and middle research and the Metaverse Blockchain.
  • Invest in commercial application projects, including but not limited to, media advertisements, social media, games, finance and government cooperation based on the Metaverse Blockchain.

Metaverse video explanation

Fueled by entropy, the Metaverse blockchain offers a range of features and makes use of Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECCDSA) for total security to the platform. Its feature includes a Digital Asset Registration, where investors can create digital assets. The crypto token is used to measure the value of Smart Properties on Metaverse. It is also used as a collateral as system fees and in financial transactions. The blockchain protocol is immutable and capable so preserves digital identities for many years.

Since it was introduced in August 2016, Metaverse has achieved a widespread adoption because it is solving major problems in the blockchain technology. Metaverse does not have pre-defined transaction types that other blockchain technologies have which makes it user-friendly and business-friendly. Metaverse released its entropy through ICO. The tokens can be used to establish your identity as an oracle or register assets and pay fees. The Oracle Intermediaries play an essential role in ensuring the solutions on the platform. All these facilitate the exchange of value between community members and real-world applications.


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