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Several years since bitcoin joined the cryptocurrency industry, cryptocurrency is still not adopted everywhere. The lack of adoption is attributed to problems such as difficulty learning curve. Such as user experience, lack of incentive for people to get involved and volatility in price. These are just some of the problem that bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry is facing. However, there is one cryptocurrency that is willing to solve almost all the problems in the cryptocurrency world. Metal is a blockchain based cryptocurrency system that utilizes Proof-of-Processed-Payments(POPP) to identify and reward users. The rewards come after users convert legacy fiat currency into cryptocurrencies. Metal acts as a bridge of any cryptocurrency available including Bitcoin.

Metal features

Nevertheless, without utilizing and incorporating some of the features into the metal network, the platform will not be able to fulfill its purpose which is to use certain payments. Typically, the goal of metal is to provide financial services. Namely, to all business, especially small to medium-sized business. The features that help metal with all-purpose its propose include

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Through the software, Metal offers services and make transaction accessible for regular users. The strategy is a P2P payments strategy that makes sure all payment are incentivized to leave traditional rails and opt for a new network of cryptocurrency payments. This approach settles transactions faster and provides value beyond cash-based payments.

Target markets

Metal initial target markets are unbanked industries that are operating legally and compliant the state laws. Normally the initial target market is in the United States. This feature allows Metal to reach multi-billion dollar market in the payment processing.


Metal platform includes everything that traditional payments does. The platform has real-time invoicing and Peer-2-peer transfer. With POPP and cryptocurrency integration, Metal users earn cryptocurrencies for making payments. POPP incentives people use cryptocurrencies instead of fiat money.

Underlying technology

To achieve its goal of implementing fair distribution model. Metal uses the public Ethereum blockchain and the Proof-of-Work for security. Metal aims to recognize the need for multiple cryptocurrencies by being a blockchain agnostic. It uses financial instruments for stability to acknowledges the need for interoperability and uses inter-blockchain exchanges to transfer between crypto assets.

Additional features of the metal platform include Proof-of-Processed-Payments, loyalty, escrow, Microtransaction, loan products among other. Metal uses its MTL token as the primary token. The token is an ERC20 compliant taken which means it can be linked to a tag or a name, or fetched by an identify security provider. MTL token will vest every month until it is fully vested with advisors, employees, and co-founders of the platform.

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