What is Merculet?

Merculet (MVP)


Today, we live in an information overload world. The excessive data is slowly becoming a bottleneck for corporate growth. However, the blockchain technology was built with an aim of enabling users to collaborate without using intermediaries such as middlemen. This process is going to change the way many industries world forever. With is in mind, the Merculet projects aim at transforming the internet from a usual information based on one that has interne of value. The project leverages the power of the blockchain technology to transform the way producers, consumers and investors relate. In essence, it wants to monetize people attention on the internet.

Features of Merculet

Open content platform

The aim of the Merculet is to open an Open Content platform based on consensus mechanism. The platform is powered by the MVP token and also be the source of grabbing users attention. This process encourages users on the platform to promote virtuous cycle.

User attention evaluation

Another feature on the Merculet platform in the User Attention Evaluation. The feature is used to measure the value and users attention. The evaluation, not the attention users provide goes hand in hand with a reward point system available on the platform.

Users Attention token

Merculet uses the user Attention token designated for every entrepreneur. The UAT token is used to anchor the MNP token, which is the primary token on the platform. The MVP enables the synergy entrepreneurs and value exchange on the platform.

MVP token distribution

A total of 10,000,000,000 MVP are made available after the launch. All Tokens are pre-minted before they are made available. The platform wants to reach a soft cap of 10, 000 ETH and a hard cap of 37, 000 ETH in the wrong run. The Merculet platform token distribution is as follows:

  • 35% goes to the foundation.
  • 30% token contribution
  • 15 % marketing
  • 20 team and advisors.

Merculet is planning to hold its public sale from April 25 to April 30, 2018. The token will be released 6 weeks after the token contribution completes, participates from China and USA are not allowed to participate.

Who is behind Merculet?

The team behind Merculet is led by Ivan Jiang, CEO, Shen Jun Zhang, CTO, and Jerry Gao, CPO. Other team members include Happy LI, data scientist, Yi Ting Qiang Architect, Kevin Wu Chief Architect and head of mobile development Tony Shen among others. The aim of the team is to maximize the internet of value by providing a solution through implementing user’s attention.

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