What is Melon Port?

Melon Port (MLN)



Melon  (MLN) or also knows as Melon port is an open-source platform that allows its users to set up a fund using the MLN software, where every fund is built starts with a compulsory core. Core refers to the non-negotiable part of the fund, which brings up a set of rules that should be followed.

How MLN works?

MLN recognize that most fund managers have different needs and desires of a fund structure. In the Melon protocol, the users will be able to open and optional fund system. Since the MLN is open-source, any developers can participate in creating funds through doing modules, which comes from different classes that help a network to establish tunneling and encryption services.

If fund managers want to set their fund, with the use of MLN, they will just have to select the modules they want. The modules will then be connected to the core (set of rules) and will be deployed to the blockchain. Standardization of the base makes it easy to calculate a fund performance stats. When the fund is created, it will only be able to interact with any chosen modules.

The platform guarantees that every fund that is successfully set up adheres or follows a particular predefined rule. The rules will be enforced by the code of the smart contracts, also referred as the crypto contracts. A smart contract applies to the penalties and norms that directly controls the transferring and receiving assets or digital currencies between parties. Each party is obliged to follow certain conditions.

Users will gain access to MLN tokens, which give them limited usage right. Developers are given some MLN tokens in exchange for their services since they help in developing and maintaining software modules.

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