What is Medicalchain?

Medicalchain (MTN)




In today’s world, people expect a seamless data flow and in an instant manner. However, that is not possible in the medical world due to some crucial issues it faces, some of these issues include fragmented health services and lack of patient centricity among other. Medicalchain is a blockchain based platform that offers better services to patients and medical practitioners when it comes to data. The platform allows you to securely store your health records and maintain a single version of the truth. Various organizations such hospitals, doctors, pharmacists, health insurers, and laboratories can request permission to access records for their patients. This will help in solving the issue with health records today.

Features and benefits

Telemedicine communication

This is an online consultation service where doctor and patients can chat using a webcam interface. Medicalchain provides an established and successful format of consultation in addition to accommodating the doctor by allowing them to interact live with patients at the same time gain chess to patient’s health records.

Licensing healthy records

Medicalchain connects research institutions with users of the platform willing to share data and earn in the process. Since patients have complete control over their health, the users are the ones with clear information on how and what their data will be used and recorded. Research companies and Pharmaceutical will benefit from this program.

Privacy and access control

The Medical chain platform provides the patient full access and control over their data. The control has the capacity to provide different levels of access to users and assign a set of access permissions. It can also designate who can write and query data in their blockchain. Telemedicine platform: this is the platform where the telemedicine communication feature is based.

App development platform

Medicalchain allows developers to develop apps and showcase them within the ecosystem. The health applications include assessment of interactivity with wearable data, medications, fat measurement, diet and nutritional advice.

Medical chain Mission

“Our mission is to improve care for people by placing the patient at the center of the digital transformation of healthcare.” According to the Cofounder and CEO of Medicalchain, Dr. Abdullah Albeyatti. The aim is to help people access their health records on mobile devices, conducting a consultation via webcam with a doctor anywhere and improves peoples’ lives by improving their health.

The team includes CEO and co-founder Abdullah Albeyatti, Mo Tayeb, Natalie Furness and Dr. Philip Xiu among others.

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