What is MediBloc?

MediBloc (MED)




In our present-day world, it is hard to ignore cryptocurrency. Many cryptocurrencies are coming up and the potential they have been quite astounding. The blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are revolutionizing the way life goes and our daily endeavor. One such cryptocurrency in MEDIBLOC. MEDIBLOC is a decentralized blockchain technology built for the healthcare sector. It is a blockchain based healthcare ecosystem for healthcare providers, patients, and data researcher.

According to Sang Min Park, head professor and Department of family medicine at Seoul National University, he says, “we are at a point when privacy for patients must be guaranteed. Patients need to have the right and resources to make autonomous decisions. The MediBloc innovative solution will lead new changes in the medical ecosystem in this regard.”

MediBloc features and benefits

  • Digital healthcare wallet: MediBloc offers users a personal wallet where they can store their information. Users can store data, including pharmacy test, professional procedures and other medical data in one place. The wallets help you organize your data and store it in a secured platform on the blockchain.
  • Reduce redundancies: MediBloc uses data interoperability to bring complete patient health autonomy. This help doctors to provide a better diagnosis, better care, and a more beater personalized healthcare experience.
  • Real-time patient database; MediBloc eliminates location bias, bring unparalleled healthcare data samples from every region and demographics and increase the sample size to accelerate the advancement of medicine to make it even faster.


MediBloc was founded in 2-17 and releases of the first proof of concept happened on October 2017 together with the release of the MediBloc whitepaper. The whitepaper explains the plans of the ecosystem and how they will achieve them.  The crowdfunding was held in November 2017 and they plan to complete and release MediBloc platform by December 2018.

Uses of MediBloc

MediBloc can be used to collect data from different sources. The ecosystem helps compile records on various patients and make them accessible regardless of what device you are using. Patients can use MediBloc to manage their health records, regardless of their needs. The platform is transparent and secure. NGOs, research institutes hospitals and individuals will be able to instantly access data upon permission.

Who is behind MediBloc?

The MediBloc team includes a group of well-known advisor and other team members. Some names on the advisor team include Sang Min Park, Hyun Wook Han, Simon Seojoon Kim and Seong Hun Kim among others.

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