What is Measurable Data Token?

Measurable Data Token (MDT)



It is a norm for many companies to offer users a free product in exchange for the data. These companies reap massive profits from your valuable data something which many people don’t know. Measurable data token (MDT) is a cryptocurrency token from data exchange ecosystem. The MDT connects data users, buyers, providers and denominates the data’s value when exchanged. It enables a transparent, more efficient and honest market for data trading. MDT uses the Measurable data Token to connect users, data buyer, data providers and shares the value of data.

Benefits of MDT

Earn for doing what you love

MDT allows you to earn coins doing the thing you already do. The team behind the ecosystem believes that data is valuable and the value of your data should come back to you. It rewards users who have MDT tokens for the data points they exchange. What you earn depends on bath data you generate, the more data you are able to generate, the more you earn.

Secure for all parties

MDT makes sure all data transactions are enforced by smart contract and can be traced on the blockchain. All buyers on the platform are free from the risk of purchasing invalid data.

How it works

For example, there is an app called GAME. If you are a GAME sellers, you can use the behavior data to a partner called BUYER and get extra revenues. Both the GAME and BUYER joined the MDT ecosystem because of transparency of data exchange. If you opt-in as well, you will start to receive MDT token as rewards for any data point’s contribution. Both the buyer and the game save money and time on endless negotiation and verifications.

Products of MDT

  • MailTime: Mailtime is an email messaging app that has over 5 million users and syncs with over 15 billion anonymous email data. You can download the MailTime and start earning MDT token immediately.
  • Measurable AI: This is a big data product that was built in 2015. The Measurable AI transforms anonymous data into valuable consumer insights. It also attracts subscribers from merchants and game companies to investors.


The MDT team includes veterans of consumers App, media and big data who have successfully developed the MailTime and talk Voice Messenger. The team includes Heather Huang, Gary Lau, and Charlie Sheng among others. The team vision is to compensate consumers for contributing valuable data. MDT ecosystem is still hiring.

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