What is MCAP?


MCAP is a decentralized platform that allows its users to make money from all crypto coins at once. MCAP algorithm ( calculation rules that the computer follows) has the capability to analyze over 30 coins and calculate, which one would be the most profitable to mine at any given moment, so the user can invest in a single currency and reap the benefits of investing into hundreds of the most promising ones. So, MCAP is trying to help people to have the idea on which coins to invest.

How does it work?

According to their website, they are aiming to save investors from investing too much time on research on which coins they should invest their hard earned money. The MCAP developers added that there are still millions of people who are not aware of the cryptocurrency. One of the reasons that can be a bit challenging in entering the crypto world is the fact that there are over 800 coin options to choose from, which makes it difficult to pick the crypto to invest for.

MCAP video explanation

With MCAP, users will be able to trade, send, and receive token via the peer-to-peer platform. MCAP is 100% transparent, which means that all transactions are recorded in the blockchain. The platform encourages its users to invest in the right coin, rather than investing in multiple cryptocurrencies. It helps people to earn huge returns in the long run by providing them mining research that will guide them to invest in the right crypto.

There is a fund that is called the BGF or the Bitcoin Growth Fund, which uses the of the token, the fund will basically issue the token to the average investors in proportion in accordance with the amount of money they have invested. In a simpler sense, the BGF is the mutual fund and its unit is MCAP.

Project is no longer live

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