What is Mayfair & Morgan?

Mayfair & Morgan (MMBT)


The global blockchain economy is witnessing a massive growth. Applications and values on the cryptocurrency universe are also growing rapidly. While bitcoin is introduced in the blockchain industry, the real social contribution to the economy it the blockchain platforms. Mayfair & Morgan (MMBT) is a center of excellence in the UAE and Dubai. The blockchain ambition is to launch the most robust Blockchain in the UK, Dubai, and Shenzhen through its ICO. The aim is to establish faster-growing blockchain professional services business and network with an aim of connecting talent with entities.

About Mayfair & Morgan

Mayfair & Morgan was founded in 2010. It has its offices in Ireland, Dubai, and the UK. With market-leading innovations in blockchain technology, analytics platforms, and crowdfunding, the company built an impressive list of clients with groundbreaking projects in technology, Fintech, property, and telecommunications.

What is MMBT ITO?

With the growth and utilization of strong ties to EMEA and GCC regions, Mayfair & Morgan firmly believe that a solution is needed to build a robust and healthy ecosystem of blockchain experts and business. The platform hopes to build a healthy and robust ecosystem for governments, organizations, experts, and businesses looking to implement blockchain technology in the field and further fields.

About the projects

Mayfair & Morgan foresee Dubai and the UAE implementing Blockchain based solutions to real-world problems. With a clear mandate, the project wants to build on the initiatives of the Dubai government through ‘Smart Dubai’. They want to move all governments to blockchain based solutions by the year 2020.

Who is behind MMBT?

According to the Mayfair & Morgan website, they claim they have a proven track record in the finch arena. The company and lined up a team of passionate people to form a center of Excellence. Some of the team members of the company include:

  • Paul Skillen: a high energy entrepreneur across EMEA. Paul has extensive global and formidable experience in telecommunications, finch, and technology, including BT, Logical and Accenture.
  • Michael McCormick. Michael is a financial Management personnel of Mayfair & Morgan. Kristine Lasam. Manila-born Kristine is a go-getter entrepreneur.
  • Necolas Hamwi is a member of the team, he is a CTO and co-founder of digital marketing and development agency. Other are Nick Fisher, Ethan and Hamadan Al Shamsi among others.

Mayfair & Morgan token

Mayfair & Morgan uses a cryptocurrency token known as the MMBT. The price of one MMBT is equivalent to 0.00035 bitcoin and 0.0005 Ethereum each.

The blockchain project is no longer live

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