What is Matchpool?

Matchpool (GUP)




Matchpool (GUP) is a decentralized platform that creates a network, where humans can connect with one another, which means that its users can create a community where participants can find their match.


The founder is Yonatan Ben Shimon, who has 3+ years experience in the Blockchain technology. According to him, GUP’s vision is to help its app users to find their match, where they can chat with real people anywhere in the world and establish a relationship with them.


Matchpool video explanation

How GUP works?


The platform’s use is not only limited for dating purposes, but can also be used for recruitment, healthy, business, education, membership clubs, and lifestyle goals as well.


Matchmakers and alike will be able to create a community pool, where they can invite members to join. Pooling of users means that they will be sharing the processing power of the network and split the reward equally, so mining of Guppies (GUP tokens) will be much easier.


Any GUP users will be able to create and manage their pool and make their community, wherein they can establish their terms and rules. They are rewarded for creating matches inside their pool. The Guppies can either be mined or purchased and can be sold in exchange for real money.


According to its developers, one of the reasons why they have created GUP is that they wanted to create a way in which maintaining a dating app will be less expensive and more open to people to join. They have also created Matchpool so community makers can finally establish a way in which they can earn money for their hard work.


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