What is Mark.Space?

Mark.Space (MRK)




Mark.Space is an ecosystem for people from all walks of life to communicate with each other in a financial and social manner, consumer products and services, and create new content for other users. This project combines ideas with progressive technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality. The platform is a new development platform for both the VR as well as new features in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. The MarkSpace platform consists of units like the virtual spaces of 8X8m2. It also has existing residential, business, community and shopping spaces.

Issues that Mark.Space wants to solve?

Insufficient VR in Ecommerce

The one issue that people face is the virtualization so commercial projects being too difficult to implement. In terms of cost and creation and virtual stores, there are merging questions that need to be answered. Mark.Space solves the problem by building a platform that allows people to create and design commercial VR-spaces without the need of even knowing the basics of 3-D modelling and coding.

Miners’ alternative

People are facing complexity when it comes to mining of cryptocurrency as many crypto are growing rapidly. Mark.Space seeks to solve that problem and enable thousands of high-end renders which requires terabytes of content to create. Miners will download programs to perform the rendering and receive rewards for data storage.

Centralization of social networks

Most communities and advertising revenues and operated and owned by single corporations. Mark.Space uses its community creator to choose between the districts business, residences, shopping and community. The communities will distribute revenues and management roles.

Token distrust

Many ICOs have useless tokens with no real value. The MRK token is an internal currency. Users can use them to sell real and virtual goods and services, payment for their work and hire employees.

Benefits of Mark.Space

Stage removes societal obstacles: Mark.Space makes long distance communication with loved ones and friends easier by removing all barriers between purpose and virtual realities.

Open up new business opportunities: The platform created qualitatively new opportunities for retailers, technologies and developers.

Stage is one of its kind: Project Mark.Space has observed the equivalents in this circumstance and realization.

Uses advanced technology: Based on the latest blockchain technologies and the VR, the platform has the potential to modify the quality of people’s lives. It also claims to be the next olive of use and product consumption.

Mark.Space is led by CEO and founder Yana Kontorovich and co-founder Evgeni malkin. Other are Oleg Ershov, managing partner, Denis Polulyakhov, advertiser market and Vladimir Shliapin CTO and Inventor.


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