What is Mad Network ?

MAD Network (MAD)



The value of cryptocurrencies is increasing every day. This means there are a lot of new services launched on a daily basis. These new services make use of the blockchain technology. MAD Network (MAD) has a set of decentralized applications designed to connect stakeholders within a complex adtech value chain. The aim of the project is to create a better ecosystem for everyone.

Some of the people who can use the platform include:


Publishers can use MADnet to handle payments automatically and in a worry less way. You don’t have to worry about growing your audience and collecting revenue. You can also monetize new strategies by utilizing your party data throughout the network.


Advertisers can use Mad Net to connect with a global network of publishers. The MAD network is accessible to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Ad serving’s miners:

Anyone interested in strengthening the Mad Network can use the matching ad requests, mining on the network is straightforward and compatible with modern-day infrastructure

How the network works

Since the aim of is to connect Advertisers and publishers, the network works in four different ways. The platform allows:

  • Ad request information and propagate it to MADnet Core
  • Advertise creates an insertion order on the MADnet books
  • Ad serving miners compete to the best match on the platform
  • Publishers and miners will be paid for using smart contracts in MADnet Books.

Services offered by MAD Network?

MADnet books

Users can use the “decentralized payment rail” devised in order to allow advertisers stake insertion orders in the network. This program allows for a monetary exchange of cryptocurrencies and tokens in exchange for services like ad impressions.

MADnet Core

The MADnet core is a second layer envisioned by the company to help the platform act as a decentralized ad exchange and ad server. MADnet core allows for the storage, propagation, and matching of ads within the network.

MADnet data

MADnet data is a decentralized DMP that captures information from the use of Mad Network. It also allows participants exchange data in a P2P architecture.

Benefits of MAD


People who use MAD can benefit from a decentralized network that is not operated by one central party.


MAD Network is completely accessible and open by all parties. It gives each entity confidence in the veracity is data in the MAD network.


The MAD ecosystem puts an end to today’s convoluted programmatic advertising system. Network participants can transact without a need for middlemen.

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