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The use cases of the blockchain technology are ever increasing. From games to banking, investing and other uses, the number of application on the blockchain technology is increasing. Also the most recent one to be included in the mobile health using blockchain. In addition the  usage of mHealth and wearable is ever-growing. This has led to the realization and creation of any platform. The Lymph is one such platform. What is the Lympo and how does it work?

What is Lympo?

Lympo (LYM) is a blockchain based platform where users can monetize health and sports data. Powered by user-controlled and user-generated fitness and wellness data, the ecosystem allows the exchange of value through the LYM token. The goal of the ecosystem is to build a place where data is used efficiently by all stakeholders and reward everyone fairly.

The Lympo technical concept

The Lympo ecosystem consists of 3 layers, the Lympo fitness wallet, the Lympo crowdfunding platform and the marketplace.

The fitness wallet

This wallet is at the core of the Lympo ecosystem. The wallet functions as the only entry to the ecosystem and allows the platform the reward users using the LYM token. This layer also includes the user reward system which is also the core of the ecosystem.

The LYM marketplace

The Lympo marketplace is the place where users can purchase goods and services. The marketplace unites more than 5000 fitness professional and there are plans to extend and become a broad network of sports, fitness and wellness and health goods and services.

The crowdfunding platform

The crowdfunding platform will be used for investing purposes. Uses can use the LYM token to invest in the platform and in innovative data-driven companies in the health industry.

Who can use the ecosystem?

Depending on your profession or what you want to engage in, you can decide to use the Lympo, ecosystem. Those who can use it include health insurers, health and fitness apps, gyms, fitness, health or wellness startups, invest0ors, employees, personal trainers and sports coaches, and people living a healthy lifestyle.


The team comprises of Ada Jonuse, CEO and founder, Patrick Brown, solution architect, Marius Silenskis, Head of operations and Justas Kregzde, smart contract lead among others. The team also includes a group of advisors.

Token distribution

A total number of 1 billion LYM tokens will be available. 10% will go to team and advisors, 3% pre-sale and token sale cost, 22% ecosystem empowerment, 26.5% pre-sale and another 38.5 to token sale. The total hard cap is 14.625 ETH-650 million LYM.

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