What is LiveTree ADEPT?

LiveTree ADEPT (SED)



The development of the blockchain technology has brought a massive change of innovation to the distribution in a variety industries. The blockchain technology has changed the way people interact, distribute and contribute value through the use of cryptocurrency. Live Tree ADEPT is one of the platforms that use the blockchain technology. It is a comprehensive content distribution platform that offers all participants the benefits provided in the entertainment industry. From producers to consumers to distributors can enjoy the benefits of using the Live Tree ADEPT.

Problems that live Tree Adept wants to solve

Every cryptocurrency platform has its own benefits. The Live Tree ADEPT platform has some of the best features that make the platform stand out from the cloud and allows it to provide services to its participants. Some of these features include:

Production: finding talent, contacting team and actors can be complex, but the platform makes the process of finding these people simple and non-costly.

Distribution: beginners struggle to build a slate or even market their products in the markets available. Professionals, on the other hand, are faced with the inefficient sales process and restricted access to other sites. Live Tree ADEPT and to solve the issue by allowing professionals and beginners access to the site and even an easy way to sell their projects.

Financing: other problems that make it costly for producers and distributors in funding. Professional financing is unstructured and crowdfunding which leaves the marketing of the projects to be completed by the owners. The platform will offer to finance needed for projects.

Future features of Live Tree ADEPT.

Blossom: the platform wants to introduce game-changing TV that provides transparent gamification of the contact people watch. The process will be driven by Seed.

Funding: Live Tree offer participants a cheaper, smarter and structured way to build a fan base and own what they what to earn Seed from sharing it.

Creation: you can remove contracts and connect an extending network using the platform. All fees for these services are to be paid using the Live Tree Seed token.

Benefits of Live Tree ADEPT

Some of the benefits of Live Tree Adept include:

  • Gamify, own and share what you watch
  • Join that cast and be part of the production
  • You get to choose the contact you want to see on your screen
  • Use a cut of the action and earn from the content you watch.


Live Tree is led by CEO Ashly Turing, who is also the founder and Cofounder/ technical officer, Dr. Jamie Ward.


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