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Web marketing is being practiced by people from all over the world. Companies and individuals alike are trying everything they can to help in the growth of the business. They are doing so through Web marketing, however, with the inclusion of a decentralized lead Sharing network, the future of the Web marketing is set to completely change into something profitable. Companies and individual can now comfortably monetize their data using the Lead Sharing Network.

How does the platform work?

Using the Leadcoin Sharing Network, users have an opportunity to earn LDC tokens. The only thing they need to do is share their data with interested businesses on LeadCoin’s Network. The data is shared via a web form or a cookie and is related to services or products they wish to buy. As their Lead is exchanged on the network, the user earns LDC token to their digital wallets. The system verifies contact info and ensures businesses can sell their unused leads to each other.

Features of LeadCoin Network

  • Qualified and Analyzed: the LeadCoin feature system verified contracts inform and analysis Leads’ specific needs to ensure buyers get the leads they are looking for.
  • Real-time supply of hot leads: the network features leads that have immediate needs for a specific solution. This means buyers can contact these leads knowing that they are relevant and motivated to their business.
  • Lead matching algorithm: the LeadCoin Algorithm aims at matching the right leads to the right buyers. Is suggest buyers to sellers based on history and search perimeters.
  • Business to Business: this feature allows business to use LeadCoin to sell their unused leads to each other, creating a decentralized network with no middlemen needed.

Use cases

Some of the use cases of LeadCoin Network include:

  • Website building
  • Food services
  • Automobiles
  • Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Finance
  • Hotels
  • Local service providers

Benefits of the LeadCoin platform

  • Trust: the LeadCoin platform, is based on the Ethereum smart contracts. These contracts guarantee users secure transactions based on the parameters set by businesses themselves.
  • Transparency: all transactions on the platform are transparent. Buyers and seller alike have a transparent public history on the platform, including details of past transaction and their ratings.
  • Decentralized Platform: the LeadCoins decentralized system makes sure it prevents the possibility of any data manipulation and that nobody can interfere with transactions or give privileges and preferences to on buyer or seller.

LeadCoin was created by Webydo and led by founder Shmulik Grizim, Eyal Rosen (CMO) and Samy Goihman (COO). Its headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Israel, and an R&D office in Gibraltar.

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