What is LAToken?

LAToken (LA)




LAToken, also known as Liquidity Asset Token or the LATO, is a new digital asset that promises investors and users to transfer liquid assets like a car and a house into fractional ownership token. LAToken is a unique blockchain-based way that investors can use to access cash for things they own. Just the same as people use banks to borrow mortgage and car loans, LAToken lets you extend the concept of your car home or any value that you own.

In other words, people can use LATO’s marketplace to take a liquid asset and sell fractional ownership over the blockchain. You don’t have to borrow money or pay interest for the money after you get the cash. As it is explained by their website LAToken.com, you only have access to more cash at much lower cost than you realize.

Another thing that LAToken offers its users is the ability to tokenize their assets. Users have the ability to diversify their portfolio while maintaining a low-risk threshold. LATO tokens give users a fractional ownership of physical assets like paintings, real estate, and other physical items to help them diversify their investments.

LAToken video explanation

The token value is simple, based on performance over the last few years, real estate is one successful investment people can make. Real estate has accumulated returns compared to other investment options. Investors can enjoy the benefits and growth of the real estate while gaining access to cash based on what you need from something they already own. All of these are connected to a block-chain based marketplace.

How do LATokens work?

LATokens are available for purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges. The token can pay for:

    • Asset tokens purchase such as buying asset tokens on the token exchanges
    • Transaction fees such as with asset record storage, token trades and asset token creation.


A total of 1 billion tokens were available for token sale August. 20% will be sold and the remaining LATO tokens frozen for development and other uses in the platform. The pre-ICO for the LATO tokens ended in July 2017 and a public token sale took place August 2017. People can purchase LATO tokens by sending ETH to LAToken address that is listed on the LAToken.com website.

LAToken is led by CTO Danila Simonov, Chief of marketing, Ayrana Mongush, CFO Oleg Belushkin and CEO Valentin Preobrazhensky. The idea of the platform can benefit from the rise of the value of physical items you own like paintings.



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