What is Latium?

Latium (LAT)-Tasking Platform


Latium is a tasking platform designed and engineered with a task relationship structure. The platform allows users a place where they can hire one or thousands of people to complete the same task. The Latium platform focuses on supporting both in-person and digital task. Payments for both the digital and in-person task completed on the Latium is credited in real time using the Ethereum platform. Only the Latium coin which is an ERC20 token is used on the platform. It is the only form of payments on Latium.

Benefits of using Latium

People who plan to use Latium will benefit from more benefits than they can imagine. The advantages and benefits of using the Latium platform include:

  • Getting easy access to workers, cryptocurrencies, and work.
  • Enjoy a fair and transparent platform
  • Access to real-time payments
  • Free to use for every person using the platform
  • Deflationary designed to gain value as time goes by.


Clients facing applications for web, Android, and iOS including:

Referral program

Users can use referrals to get a commission and have access to reporting and metrics. Commissions are paid using the LAT token

Posting tasks

Clients on the platform will benefit from the feature. They can also select their desired applicant after which they have to verify and see that the task is completed to their standards. A nominal service fee is charged for every completed task.

Performing tasks

Clients who want to complete tasks can apply for tasks, upload documents, and files related to the task, mark tasks that are completed and request for payments.

Latium transfer System

Latium includes two payment options. The first one is an internal system that does not require confirmation and its 100% free and the other one is a blockchain based and require miner confirmation.

Reputation system

All users are given a score based on the proprietary algorithm. The score helps both task makers and task doers decide who they want to work with.

The Latium Fork

The Latium LAT will undergo a token split and the new token will be known as the Latium X or LATX. The LAT was listed on HitBTC starting 20th November 2017. LAT is transferable into new LATX token. According to the Latium team, they feel that the shift is the best way they can provide growth for the platform. The goal of the team led by CEO/founder David Johnson and CCO/co-founder Matt Carden is to build a successful network and platform.

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