What is Lampix?

Lampix (PIX)


Lampix (PIX) is an augmented reality system that promises it transform any surface into a smart surface. The system is capable of turning any surface such as a desk or wall to a smart surface. Since its invention in 2016, Lampix has become a futuristic, augmented reality lighting system full of potential. It has grown to be the most heard about cryptocurrency platform. Its blockchain technology is designed to create a database of immutable images. The database is expected to hold up to one billion images. Lampix uses the database to solidify its future.

How does Lampix work?

Lampix lets users interact with the surface once it has cast light onto. Once it casts the light onto the surface, it acts as a tablet or touchscreen. The Lampix casts light onto the surface expanding your working space. Lampix is also designed to support several use cases. The website encourages developers to create apps for the platform and other functions involve either productivity activities or games activities such as playing games or working on digital documents.

The Lampix token

Lampix uses the PIX token on its platform. The PIX token is part of the blockchain based ‘image mining” network for other computer vision systems and for augmented reality. The company blockchain which is under process will hold data-sets of real-world objects. According to Lampix team, they aim at enabling Lampix to reach its full potential. To succeed, they want to build a billion picture and description database and use their PIX token to grow the data ecosystem through payments and purchases.

With the Ecosystem, users will be allowed to spend PIX on Lampix Apps, cloud computing services, database data, or a Lampix device. At the moment users can earn PIX by voting, developing Lampix apps and mining pictures.

Lampix team

George Popescu is the main figure behind Lampix, George is an MIT alumnus and a new York-based technologist with 3 master’s degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, and non-sciences. Another key figure of Lampix if Mihai Dumitrescu. Mihai is also the founder and CEO of the platform and also the CTO of Rosoftlab. Rosoftlab has been behind the development of augmented reality app and systems for many years.

Being a futuristic system, Lampix involves casting light onto any surface, turning it into a smart surface. The uniqueness of Lampix can change the augmented reality world and give developers a better working platform.


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