What is Lamden?

Lamden (TAU)




Lamden is a blockchain development platform that offers developers tools which help in speeding up the process of creating custom blockchain and apps. The development platform uses the Lamden TAU token that connects new projects and main chain cryptocurrencies. Instead of setting up a variety of exchange channels between every cryptocurrency, developers just need to set up an exchange to Tau and instantly gain access to the entire crypto market. TAU is the backbone mediator between block chains and applications.

The goal of Lamden Blockchain

The goal of Lamden is in line the vision of the platform. The main functionalities of the Lamden Tau Blockchain include:

  • High transaction throughput and scalability: lack of proof of work makes the blockchain technology extremely high. However, Lamden infrastructure allows the blocks to exist using the robust ZeroMQ messaging system and achieve 50,000,000 messages/ per second.
  • Attaining fee-less transactions: the amount of computing power used in processing a singular block makes the blockchain fee extremely high. Lamden delegates proof of stake system to remove the need for proof of work. It also sets a specific number of delegates as blockchain signers. The signers also add blocks to the chain.
  • Secure smart contracting system: Lamden foresees hacks occurring on attack vectors. While these hacks cause incompetent, Lamden sees obscure security flaws due to Turing completeness and complexity and believes to build a system that is close to formal verification from smart contracts.
  • Lightweight Chain data: Lamden also plans to distribute data the same they distribute messaging and consensus. They use the Apache Cassandra app developed at Facebook. They simply use their state-of-the-art signal to adopt instead of assuming that their novel implementation will work.

The token

The Lamden project is funded by the Lamden TAU token. The Lamden Tau token is available at the Ethereum main chain. It is an ERC20 compatible token. It will be available for swapping on the Lamden chain during a process which signifies the milestone achievement of chain-to-chain communication on Clove. This is according to the whitepaper.

Token sale

The Lamden Token sale concluded recently. There hardcap was set for 10 million USD with a softcap of $2.5 million set for pre-sale. The project hit their $10 million hardcap before the conclusion of the token sale.

Lamden is led by the CEO Stuart Farmer helped by Mario Hernandez, Chief Economist developer, and Nick Huber, Chief of Operations and a group of advisors. Together the team plans to take Lamden to great heights.


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