What is Lala World?





It is not easy for migrates to find a way of banking in the countries they have migrated to. LALA World is all about the migrants and unbanked families. The LALA World is an ecosystem that solves problems like digital ID’s, employment issues, communities build up, government and NGO partnerships, health issues among others. The ecosystem is enabled by the LALA token. The aim is to revolutionize the way individuals, micro-entrepreneurs, and small business transactions, borrow money and make payments and associated products like domestic and cross-border remittances, insurances, cards and other general banking products work.

LALA World Products

LALA World used its products which are available on the platform to offer services to its members. These products include:

  • LALA Bill Pay: the LALA Bill Pay product is a product and local and international people can use to pay bills for them and their family.
  • LALA transfer: this product is a P2P local and global product used for remittance. The product is backed by crypto and fiat currencies.
  • LALA card: LALA Card, on the other hand, is a crypto and fiat card synced to an individual wallet. The card can be used at millions of PoS around the world.
  • LALA Lends: the LALA Lends is a domestic and international peer to peer lending product for small business and individuals. It is available both the crypto and fiat currencies.
  • LALA Kit: the LALA Kit contains a mobile phone with pre-loaded LALA Insurances, LALA card, LALA Wallet, Partners products and much more.

LALA World Team

LALA ecosystem was founded and Sankalp Shangari, who happens to be the CEO of the platform. Shangari has deep expertise in underbanked and payment systems and is also a blockchain author and speaker. The chief revenue officer of LALA World is Ranjit Kumar, a member of JCB India Ltd, Polyplex, Syscom Corporation and Morpho group. Others are Jury Kopotko, Chief technology officer, Nitin Bartia, head of strategic partnership and Kumar Tripathi AVP technologist.

According to the official website, the team is a global team of professionals who have Benn involved in building, solving and rebuilding the business. It includes other team member listed on the official website.

LALA world uses the Ethereum for Eco token listing. The LALA token is an ERC20 compatible token and its used for all the transactions in the hyper ledger. The LALA wallet is based on a PHP platform with level Framework and My SQL & SQL database. They also use the Rest API for integration.

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