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KuCoin  Exchange



KuCoin is a crypto exchange launches in Hong Kong in September 2017. The platform is similar to Binance as it uses the KuCoin shares. Users get discounts on trading fees after using the KuCoin tokens. Overall, the KuCoin aims to be a better and friendlier exchange platform that other traditional exchanges available. The platform shares up to 90% of its trading fees to its users. They also offer their customers and other people 24/7 generous referral rewards and customer services. KuCoin is also known for posting coin pairs before hitting a major cryptocurrency exchanges.

KuCoin  Exchange Features

Safe wallet:

The KuCoin wallet includes multilayer encryption funds escrow, offline storage in a bank safe and regular auditing by the bank.


The exchange claims to be the fasted exchange as blockchain-based assets will be added to your account within 2 minutes after transactions. Withdrawal can also be completed in 10 minutes.

Discounted trading:

KuCoin offers discounted trading to encourage users to join the platform. Users can get up to 80% discount on fees.

Profit sharing among token holders:

Token holders have the advantage of sharing profits among themselves. With the exchange platform sharing 90% of the trading fee with users, token holders are set to benefit a lot.


KuCoin uses dynamic authentication, data encryption, and multi-level risk identification control to guarantee transactions

Referral system:

The exchange has a referral system where it offers 40% of the transaction fees to members referred to the platform.

Proof of Stake Bonus:

KuCoin shares up to 50% to users who hold KCS on the Kuching’s exchange. You also earn Gas for holding NEO on the exchange.

Mobile app:

The exchange plans to release an app that is compatible with the Androids and iOS devices in November 2017.

KuCoin token

KuCoin tokens are the cryptocurrency used on the exchange platform. The exchange supplies a total of 200 million coins and plans to buy back 1000 million tokens which will be used to lower the total supply of 100 million. Moreover, the token is an ERC20 compliant Ethereum based token.

KuCoin team

KuCoin is led by Michael Gan (CEO). He is also the founder of the platform together with Eric Don (COO) and Top LAN (CTO). Other include Linda Lin (chef Legal Consultant) John Lee (President of Business Operations) and Jack Zhu (Marketing Director).

The new exchange aims at offering similar services to Binance. Users can earn rewards in exchange for the time on the platform. Users can also earn money by staking coins.

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