We all know that technology has already taken over everything, especially the way people take pictures and view images. Despite the increase in how the technology works, not everything works out the way people want. People who love dealing with images are facing issues related to security and management of their images. KODAKOne is an evolutional platform that offers solutions to such issues. The platform allows users to access new manage rights management and protection. Since the platform is a blockchain based platform, is registers, manages and monetizes creative assets for the wider photographic community.

Feature and benefits of KODAKOne

Image economy

The platform underpins the assured purchasing and selling of rights-cleared and protected digital assets. This allows the use of KODAKCoin to become the main currency of choice on the platform for image economy.


KODAKOne artificial intelligence technology streamlines and integrates that photo management tasks offering protection and distribution at the same time. This allows photographers to fully benefit from income streams and receives payments faster.

Creative community

The community behind the platform has the vision of creating a sustainable token-based community of photographic supply chain for photographers of all levels. The aim is to help the right holders and buyer of image-related IP and imagery to access whatever they need and want.


KODAKOne wants to deliver blockchain-enables copyright registration to earn the trust of right holders and for transparency purposes to its members. The copyright registration will be combined with a smart, high-efficiency trustless transaction platform. All licenses and image transactions will be stored in KODAKOne’s decentralized registry.


The KODAKCoin is the only token that powers the KODAKCoin platform and the whole ecosystem. The coin will be the future currency in the platform image economy. All transactions on the platform will be done using the KODAKCoin. These means you will be able to purchase, sell or receive rewards using the coin only and no other coin will be accepted on the platform.


KODAKOne is led by CEO Jan Denecke. Jan has over 10 years of experience as a copyright lawyer and is the founding partner of a law firm. The president of the platform is Matthew Walker, an experienced building and managing content licensing experts with over 15 years of experience. Another key member of the KODAKOne team is Volker Brenden, who is the CTO of the platform. Volker also has years of experience in dealing with big data environments and recognition technology.



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