What is Keep Network(Keep)?

Keep Network (Keep)



The public blockchains brought auditability and transparency. Especially,  in the financial technology and the private data industry.  The blockchains allow records to be verifiable, immutable band censorship-resistant. Unfortunately, this is also the weakness for many users. The Keep is a container for private data. It is a privacy layer for Ethereum and its main objective is to help contracts harness to power of the public blockchain which in turn enables interactivity with private data. Keeps also solve the problems of mismatch between the need for smart contracts for private data and transparency of the public blockchains.

How does Keep work?

Though the aim of Keep is to maintain state off-chain, they are messages and provisions by contracts on-chain. The practical implementation of Keeps includes security guarantees. The contracts work on an on-chain operations also. Keep also eliminates third-party risk using a simple block box for data storage. This method enables secrets to be sold, bought and transferred to the public blockchain.

Keep  Network Features

Firstly,  the latest feature, can be spotted on Ethereum blockchain here

Dead Man Switch

Exposing private information is as important as keeping it hidden. Keep allows you to have trusts and estate plans that can be automatically activated to transfer funds and expose instructions.

Decentralized signing

Keep acts as a digital notary. Users are able to assert their identity off-chain without the need of a third party confirmation. It can also be integrated with tools like SSH, TLS, and PGP. Keep in the bridge to private key infrastructure.

Custodial wallets

Keeps can be used to generate cryptocurrency wallets where Ethereum smart contracts can send Litecoin, Dash, Boom, Bitcoin and cross-chain exchange.

Blockchain storage encryption

Keep provides users with a private blockchain storage that makes it possible for DAO’s and smart contracts to store files privately. Users no longer need the third party for their most sensitive and private data.

Marketplaces for digital goods

With Keep, users can sell eBooks, MP3’s, videos and more without a server or a customer download processor.


Keep public announcement happened in September 2017. By February, Keep will hold its first public sale and officially plans to launch its network in March this year according to the official website.


Keeps network is led by Matt Luongo, the Project lead of the company. Other team members include Corbin Pon, developer and Ops, Antonio Salazar Cardozo, tech lead, Laura Wallendal, growth and Prashanth Irudayaraj, Ops and research personnel. The team also includes developers, a community manager and a group of developers.

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