What is Jury.online?

Jury.online (JOT)



When it comes to making a deal, the parties usually face formidable obstacles that include standing up for their rights. The parties also have to bear the initiator cost whether they are time-consuming ones or money ones, Jury.online is a project that targets to protect the interest of all parties when it comes to deal. The projects use two key components which are the easy, smart contract conduction and independent arbitration. Jury.online is a simple structure of smart contracts, the projects ensure you don’t need specific skills to make deals. They do everything for you.

What are Jury.online applications?

There are various Jury.online applications which include:

  • Escrow: Escrow is where money is stored. Escrow is based on smart contract balance and users have complete control of its transfers.
  • Customer protection: online makes sure collaterals are protected in cryptocurrency. You can ensure your customers have unforgeable security using Jury.online.
  • Milestone payments: you can make complex deals in which payments are broken down into an installment for easy payment process and affordability.
  • Dispute resolution: if there are disputes when you are making deals, take the time to find out who is wrong or right using the dispute resolution application on Jury.online.
  • Overseas deals: there is one distance when it comes to making deals with Jury.online. You can make deals throughout the globe because distance in the projects is imaginary.

Jury.online features

Blockchain- agnostic protocol

Jury.online offers an open source protocol with clear specification and the possibility of integration with any blockchain platform that use smart contracts. The protocol is independent.

Anti-corruption and fair trial system

Jury.online has several anti-corruption systems that prevent any form of corruption and unfairness. The rating and economic motivation force judges to investigate and resolve all disputes correctly and fairly.

Jury market

The project has a decentralized, independent jurors market here jurors provide prices for the work done and so that the counterparties know in advance the price of a potential dispute. It also helps in accurately estimating their risks.


Jury.online is a decentralized and secured project, which means the operation is secured and decentralized based on the blockchain technology.

Customization of judging

There is a pool where counterparties can pick jurors that specializes in a specific field relevant to the deal they want to make.

Jury.online team

The Jury team has developers, advisors and other team members. The project was founded by Alexander Shevtsov who is also the main developer. Konstantin Kudraivtsev is the CTO, Sergey Mishin, developer, Nikita Alekseev, Art director and Andrei Mukhametvaleev, web developer among others.


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