What is Jobeum?

Jobeum (JBT)

Technology has made everything convenient. It is being employed in everything, including recruitment to remodel the selection approach. Jobeum in one network that uses technology for business and recruitment professionals. Jobeum (JBT) is a blockchain base professional network where candidates can control their personal information and earn money. Candidates can also help recruiter to hire the right candidates. The network uses a transparent system where you can control who sees any part of the information on your profile. The profile is your “digital twin”. You can use them to earn JobTokens when other people ask for an action or certain information.

Why does Jobeum use a blockchain?

Jobeum uses the blockchain to keep validate employment and education records for candidates. This helps them to provide validate professional profiles for everyone, the candidate, and recruiters. The blockchain technology also provides a way to remove the intermediaries such as big enterprises that control your data. The use of smart contract ensures execution of agreements between recruiters and candidate. This aligns the interest of candidates and recruiters by incentivizing micro-steps via micropayments in the recruitment process.

How does Jobeum work?

Jobeum network works differently from other cryptocurrencies platforms. Users have to refer a candidate to earn JobTokens. All you need to do is to recommend a candidate for an open position and when they get the job, you are paid the referral bonus. Users can also pass a job interview and take up an offer to earn more jobtokens.

Another way of earning Jobtokens is by confirming your skills. Pass a test that confirms a specific skill and earn jobtokens, you can offer additional information to a recruiter to earn. Give a recruiter access to a private part of your profile. The access can be to your project description or contact information.

Jobeum token sale

Jobeum token sale has already started. It started on November 8, 2016. 65% of the tokens distributed will go to the token sale, 30% for Jobeum Company to be used for further development. 4% of the token will go to partners and advisors and 1% for the bounty campaign. 1000 JBTs are equivalent to 1 ETH.

Who is behind Jobeum network?

The network is led by CEO Vitaly Obernikhin. He is also the Co-founder of the network together with Serge Klimoff (CTO) and Sergey Dmitrichenko who is also the VP of Business development on the network. The team includes other advisors among the Sergei Sergienko also the CEO of Chronobank.io

Project is no longer live

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