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IXLedger (IXT)

IXLedger (IXT) is a groundbreaking peer-to-peer platform that offers an alternative marketplace for insurance. The platform fuels new, efficient business models, facilitates improved customer services, reduces risk through data collaboration and access and drives transactions. The platform is subdivided into three subdivisions. The submissions include the market, the opportunity, and the solution.

 The market

As the market, the platform solves the inefficiencies that drive most insurance institutions. It uses streamlined options that are based on innovative technology

The opportunity

IXLedger works with some of the best and largest reinsurers and insurers. The collaboration with the insurers and reinsurers has positioned the platform and helped it to create a new, groundbreaking and alternative insurance marketplace that fuel news opportunities.

The solution

IXLedger is a P2P platform that brings together brokers, insurers, and reinsurers with richer data through immutability and transparency of the blockchain technology.

The iXLedger platform uses the blockchain to create efficiencies and power new opportunities that include a cutting-edge technology. It offers insurers and brokers a marketplace where they can trade insurance products directly with each other. The use of blockchain in the platform help in streamlining the downstream processes for claims, programs, premiums, and policies. To offer users an ecosystem that harnesses the power of data and connectivity, iXLedger has the following features:

IXLedger features

Transition execution

IXLedger tracks each step of the InsureX platform. When a suitable insurance product is found and the process of exchanging begins, the participants begin the process of enhancing information and the whole process is usually tracked.

Buy and sell insurance

Since the platform offers an alternative platform, companies can sell insurance products and those who wish to buy, they can buy, they will get notified of the listing or they can search for insurance products as they wish.

Portfolio management

Users are able to organize and manage their transactions by using the portfolio’s structures available in their dashboard. There is an availability of high-level, aggregated information for transactions.

Real-time market insight

All participants and users of the platform can see what is on offer on the platform and gain a better understanding and insight on the products and the market in general. They also have a rich and powerful dashboard that gives them a real-time view of products and information.

Insurance is an industry that is regulated by rich information and data, the iXLedger platform democratizes instant access and data delivery using the blockchain technology. They use their token to enable economic layer supports.

Project is no longer live

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