What is IUNGO (ING)?



First, the internet applications have changed the way the businesses and customers operate. Propelled by rapid advances in Internet-related services and infrastructure. The explosive growth in internet consumption is affecting how everybody works nowadays. However, users face major problems when it comes to connectivity despite their explosive growth. IUNGO is a globally distributed wireless internet. They aim solving all these problems and make the internet better for both parties. IUNGO is built with the help of the worldwide community. The aim of the platform is to help installation of Wi-Fi access points in public places.

How IUNGO work?

With the huge imbalance between practical and theoretical usage. The IUNGO team plans to continue sharing some magical combinations of words such as “global Wi-Fi network”. Recently the team started with the LigoWave. A project that will help when it comes to utilization of equipment. Namely, other things covered by the IUNGO Wi-Fi. The team wants to complement their vision of their business philosophy for marketing point of view and for the technical side.

What problems ING solves?

The platform wants to solve the problems of the internet access of the public domain. They want to offer users with the freedom to connect and right to the internet. With a swarm of hotspots, the platform offers a WIFI. Which “will remain the only feasible technology for a fair solution”, according to the official website,

Who benefits from it?

Customers, who are also users of the IUNGO network are set to benefit. The customers who benefit are digital nomads, travelers, remote workers, heavy YouTube users, residents of countries with expensive mobile data plans, and hardcore gamers who are on the move. The stand to benefits with:

  • Usage-based on preferences
  • Affordable and Transparent accounting using a single wallet worldwide
  • Seamless, instant, automated and safe connectivity with hassle free payment procedures.
  • Global provider network with a brand that is recognized.

There is also a set of users that can benefit from IUNGO network. These are service providers such as small and medium-sized businesses. They benefit from increased security, marketing tools, cost-saving powerful web-based service management tools among other things.


The IUNGO is led by a team of experts and advisor. The core team members include co-founder and CEO, Ricardas Bernotaviciusm, Dylan Sharkey, management board/advisor, Paulius Services, Co-founder/ COO among other. The CEO is also the founder of other multiple companies while the COO is a successful entrepreneur and a blockchain enthusiast.

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