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The IPchain (IPC) is a blockchain product for intellectual property. Launched in 2016 the IPchain is determined to be a blockchain technology based on the UTXO model which is similar to how the Bitcoin network works. Through the adoption of the Consensus Mechanism of the DPOC and with reference to the transaction model. IPChain aims to provide a flexible and rigorous solution for intellectual property. It also plans to be a provider of intellectual property infrastructure, providing a safer and effective foundation for commercial application for the intellectual property.

The project schedule

IPC started it operation in 2016 and by November the same year. It had already completed the market research and the required designs of the system.By January 2017 they completed the preliminary designs on the system. Moreover a detailed design of core modules like transaction model, Wallet, consensus mechanism and the browser were completed. Other projects were completed along the way. For example, including official chain, block browser and the wallet were released. Hence, the blockchain plans for the development of virtual machine and release on more commercial application among other projects.

IPchain Features

Extended UTXO model

The blockchain uses the UTXO model. It realizes non-repudiation, traceability, and the POW proof. The UTXO are based on the transfer and payment of Bitcoin. Although the UTXO model on the blockchain is based on a variety of services. Namely, the authorization and transfer of rights and the confirmation of intellectual rights.

Extended digest algorithm

The extended digest algorithm supports multiple signatures in order to protect codes on addresses of Bitcoin. Furthermore, non-repudiation, transaction data and input and output of transaction under the signature management system.

Innovative DPOC

The IPC uses the DPOC to reach the contribution value required by the system. The DPOC system chooses working nodes to complete generation accounting by contribution consensus voting and give incentives.

Other features of the platform include:

  • Complex and flexible transaction Models
  • Extended P2P network protocol
  • Supporting commercial application flexibly

IPChain Use cases

This intellectual property IPC can be used as:

  • A platform for intellectual property
  • Decentralized application
  • Mobile Client service

IPC Token distribution

First the IPchain token distribution of the Ischia platform is as follows:

  • 10%- business community
  • 10% – intellectual property award
  • 30% – founding team, private investors, market promotion, and development team
  • 50% – public offering.


The team Behind the IPchain includes people from different backgrounds. According to the official websites, the IPchain is still looking for people to feel position on the blockchain. Visit their official website to see the job available and qualifications.

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