What is ION?




What is ION Coin?

ION is a decentralized blockchain cryptocurrency that rewards its users through the static proof of stake. Instead of rewarding the “coinage” ION rewards the “connectivity age” eliminating abuse from exchanges and users who do not actively contribute to the network. To successfully use the Static proof of stake, ION has a static reward system. The rewards are proportional and depend on the work every active mode contributes. This method promotes network health of ION and discourages centralization.

In addition the static rewards, ION also implement a masternode network for a larger holder.  The masternode network can be used to perform advanced functions of private and near instant transactions. Never before has earning rewards from cryptocurrency been this fun like it is with ION. ION is a thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem centered on digital goods and gaming.

Blockchain specification of ION Coin

The ION combination of minimum transaction and block time are designed with security and speed in mind. As the network transaction volume increases, the block height allows for scaling. Collectively, the specifications prevent flooding the network with fake transactions as it happens to other cryptocurrency networks. If you use multiple small transactions to fill large blocks, you will be wasting your money and times.

ION managed mastoids

The Ion masternodes is a major key to the network. The masternodes can help anyone to start making serious money as well as contribute to the community and what’s going on with crypto in a unique way. Masternodes also takes away the hassle of investing. By investing in ION masternodes, you save time with the use of Ionomy managed to host. You can maintain full control with uptime monitoring and restart functions available.

The masternodes validate all transactions within four seconds by communicating transaction across all nodes to avoid double spending. They facilitate private transactions and perform other additional functions. ION cryptocurrency also known as ION Coin or IONOMY crypto has a dream of making all its member benefit from transaction done on the platform. If you a member of ION Coin and an active member, you will benefit from using ION.

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