What is InvestFeed?

InvestFeed (FEED)



Since the year began, the crypto market is booming and will continue until the end of the year and in the future. Now there is a new cryptocurrency that has been introduced to the market, the Invest Feed. InvestFeed is the first social investment network that was originally supposed to feature US Equities, but the InvestFeed team realized the potential of the cryptocurrency markets. The InvestFeed investment platform is a combination of social media features with proven development details and n cryptocurrency data.

What is InvestFeed all about?

InvestFeed is a social investment network that aims to be a social platform for cryptocurrency traders across the globe. Users can share their opinions, post stock recommendations and strategies with other investors on the platform and beyond. This means that users have the opportunity to view, share and duplicate the moves of other traders in real-time. If a user has a particularly good trading strategy, he or she and earn by publishing it on his or her stock recommendations and have other users follow them.

People no longer need to dig through forums and articles to find investment advice, InvestFeed gives them the opportunity to find investment advice easily and faster by using the platform and following other investors recommendations. With InvestFeed, users don’t need to pay advisors and brokers for investment advice. They can simply copy other use moves if they think the person is good at what they are doing. Users are able to see the performance records of other investors and traders on the platform and decide the ones they want to follow.

InvestFeed Features

InvestFeeds has 7 components that make the platform unique. These features include:

  • Social networking features like direct messaging.
  • Marketplace capabilities for Feed tokens
  • Watchlist signals and trending assets
  • Wallet and exchange integration
  • Cryptocurrency market charts and data
  • Live-streaming channels and feeds for projects and cryptocurrencies coins
  • Advanced trader tools such as advanced portfolio analysis and backtesting features

The InvestFeed team is planning to implement a tool for crowdsourced portfolio recommendations ND advice, premium API for hedge fund and institutional access, blockchain data analytics and feeds, user-assigned price alerts, instant notifications as well as alerts made by high-performance traders among other things.

The InvestFeed system token is an ERC20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is known as the FEED token and can be used to replace intermediaries in an incentive system.


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